Thomas Hardy, a graduate of Rutgers School of Law in Camden, began his career as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor using his Master’s Degree in Education to work with the disabled population. He focused primarily on helping people return to work after a catastrophic illness or injury. Later, he began working for a large Philadelphia disability insurance company where he managed their nationwide program to assist disabled workers, and subsequently took on supervision of all medical services.

This combination of medical and vocational knowledge made him an ideal resource for the Federal Government which looked to him as an advisor regarding disability-related issues. In this capacity he served as a representative of national disability insurers to both the Social Security Administration and the Department of Labor for over five years.

After completing his legal education, Hardy opted to move from a large corporate environment to a legal practice that directly services those most in need of assistance. The area in which Hardy feels he can be particularly effective is in Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability Appeals.

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